Podcast: David Reynolds, thesis and dissertation transition

Submitted by Alonzo LaMont on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 5:32pm

Following up on our blog post interview with David Reynolds regarding the Hopkins Thesis/Dissertation Initiative, Welch Informationist Victoria Goode and Communications Specialist Alonzo LaMont once again speak with David on this (fast-approaching!!!) initiative. Will your Thesis or Dissertation be affected? Take a listen.

:50 - What is the ETD Program?

1:55 - Who will be affected?

3:05 - Why are we making this transition?

7:15 - When will your Thesis/Dissertation be made available to the public?

10:06 - Where can everyone go for Information and how can they contact you?

12:22 - How has this new initiative been received?


Alonzo LaMont