Meet our interns

Submitted by Alonzo LaMont on Thu, 06/21/2012 - 1:45pm

Ah yes, Summer has returned and with it come our new Interns from City College. I "stole" them away for a second to get a picture. So here they are on a mild day in June, looking calm and composed. But as Summer BURNS away in Baltimore, our Interns will bear the brunt of work/work/work. Here a task, there a task. They'll be in the stacks, they'll be schlepping books around, they'll be working keyboards inputting data----taking instructions left and right.

Our dynamic duo this year are Angel Smith (standing) and Deja Roundtree Gibbs. Angel worked in the MLK Early Head Start/JHH Summer program last year, and she likes poetry. Deja worked on the JHH campus last year, like Angel she too is a music lover.

Don't wait til their last week here to say hiya.


Alonzo LaMont