JoVE announces a website redesign

Submitted by jo on Mon, 08/14/2017 - 9:11am

Coming soon, JoVE gets an new look to their site.

JoVE, the premier producer and publisher of video resources for scientific research and education, is introducing a newly redesigned website this August. The improved website features several enhancements for scientists, educators, and students including:

  • Improved navigation and a mobile responsive design
  • Streamlined user-experience
  • New, easy-to-follow resources on publishing in JoVE Video Journal
  • JoVE Embed: a one-click video embedding tool
  • Resource Hubs for educators and librarians

JoVE will deliver additional user advancements throughout 2017, including in-depth account customization tools and JoVE Tests, a new tool that makes customizing, assigning, and scoring tests easy to increase JoVE's utility.