MLA Cunningham Fellows and Oxford University scholar visit Welch Medical Library for advances in librarianship mentoring

Submitted by jo on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 9:18am

The Medical Library Association (MLA) Cunningham Memorial International Fellowship assists in the education and training of health science librarians from countries outside the United States and Canada. The Cunningham Fellowships were established in 1967 with a bequest from the estate of Eileen R. Cunningham. The first fellowship was awarded in 1972 at the annual meeting in San Diego, CA.

This program continues to train and motivate international librarians with the latest advances in the health information profession. Welch Medical Library and Johns Hopkins continually provide mentoring and consultation to a variety of scholars and fellows from the international community. Particularly, with respect to sharing Welch's advances in Librarianship, and collaborative methods with doctors, researchers, students, and staff.

On May 17, 2018, Welch Medical Library hosted the following visitors from the MLA Cunningham Memorial International Fellowship and Oxford University:

  • Biliamin Popoola, Head of Reference, Systems, and Evidence-Based Medicine
    • University of Medical Sciences, Ondo City, Ondo State, Nigeria (MLA Cunningham Fellow)
  • Tam Ha, Learning Resource Center Manager
    • Vinmec International Hospital JSC-Vinmec Medical University, Ha Noi, Vietnam (MLA Cunningham Fellow)
  • Owen Coxhall, Outreach and Enquiry Services Manager
    • The Cairns Library, University of Oxford, UK

The visiting scholars were given an overview of the world renowned Welch Medical Library informationist service model, presented by the library’s Associate Director for Informationist Services, Blair Anton, and the library’s Director, Anne Seymour, then spent the day touring Welch’s consultation spaces at various Hopkins locations in East Baltimore. The scholars experienced an individualized session highlighting evidence-based practice, then concluded their day with a RoundTable Q&A, including the entire Welch informationist staff.

Anne Seymour, Welch Medical Library Director and MLA Cunningham fellows
L-R: Biliamin Popoola, Anne Seymour, Tam Ha
Anne Seymour, Welch Medical Library Director and Oxford University scholar
Owen Coxhall and Anne Seymour